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Teaming with Lutheran High School, Dyno Mike’s offers shop classes to help students learn practical skills and teaching them how to work with their hands.

Some things can't be learned in school

Dyno Mike’s Power Shop class encourages each student to explore and learn new skills. There’s no better way to stimulate creativity and allow a student free reign to fully engage his or her mind.


Shop class, once a staple of American high schools, has now practically disappeared during the digital age. Dyno Mike praises the benefits of learning how to do manual work. He believes working with our hands can bring kids a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that is often lacking in their virtual lives. Even if one doesn’t go into a manual trade, the ability to make and fix things can help them become self-reliant adults.

Dyno Mike started offering this three-week program in 2015 to introduce students to the tools and basic repair of V-Twin motors. Each year, the students get the opportunity to learn basic service work, rebuild carburetors, build multiple motors, and other aspects involving repair on Harley Davidson motorcycles. The students also get the opportunity to weld, plasma cut, grind and use the forge to create projects of their own!

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